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[Sticky] LateralWork Hardware: Questions, Pricing, Functionality and TroubleShooting


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Some FAQs

1. Whats the LateralWork Hardware for?

Its called LW Remote Logger. You can use this to remote in someone into your 2nd job laptop. This person can be anyone from anywhere in the world with a fast internet connection.

2. Can I do two jobs without the LW Hardware?

Yes you can.Some jobs don't care about your presence online all the time. For those jobs you can work without any help from a Remote logger.

3. How big is the hardware and how complicated is it to run it?

The hardware is very compact and comprises of Rasberry Pi at its core. We selected the fastest hardware configuration for it. You will need a ethernet cable to connect this to your PC. Ideally you should get a separate internet connection to use  this device as we have to keep a few ports open to connect your device to our servers.

4. How much should I pay for the device?

The device comes as a service and has a running cost (every month) and a one time cost. The running cost is  $300 USD per month and the one time cost is also $300 USD per month. Since people might have concerns paying this one time fee without seeing the device - I would be more than happy to connect with your over video chat to show you the device and how it functions before you buy it. You can also use this forum as a way to communicate if you are not happy with the service. If you live in Toronto, I am happy to show you the device in person.

The monthly cost covers all troubleshooting issues, server costs, upgrade costs etc. 

If you need additional services like helping you find a remote professional please contact me at

5. Whats the lead time for the device?

The lead time for the device is around 2 weeks if you are in Canada and 6-8 weeks if you are in USA

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