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There is a growing trend of professionals wanting to do multiple jobs or even simply their current jobs. This forum is to encourage folks to do that in term of technology, learning and sharing personal experiences.Please give an intro with an alias as your first post. 

My alias is Sam Thomas and I am from Toronto.I founded  the idea for LateralWork just after the Pandemic started. The company I worked for starting monitoring everyone laptop with a software. That and the downsizing trend was making me a bit frustrated and anxious. So I thought why not create a hardware that can help me remote someone into my laptop. After many months of developing this, LateralWork hardware was developed. After many months of testing on the real work computer, I think the product is standing its ground.


I am glad to say, I am able to take meaningful breaks, and work multiple jobs.

This trend is growing, I mean the idea to do multiple jobs. Please feel free to use this forum to discuss anything about these topics. I am more than happy to answer any questions and I hope you use this to overcome your job anxieties or even take multiple jobs.

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I think the $600k number needs to be taken with a bit weight age but doubling your income is definitely possible.

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