Working for a Canadian company but travelling abroad for extended vacations

One of the things we hear quiet a bit about nowadays is the word Digital Nomad. Someone who travels to exotic places but does their job remotely.

I wasn’t very fascinated by it till you actually try it out. I haven’t travelled to a lot of places but a few places I really enjoy the vibes of are South India and Florida.

Without going too much about the lifestyle, one of the perks of doing this is that you can live in a inexpensive place like Eastern Europe or South America and still earn in Canadian/USA salary. And you can circumnavigate the extreme weathers months.

Is this easy to do? Not so much. Almost all company want you to be in the same country and in some cases same state. I think its largely a government directive to keep the money in the economy. So they won’t hire you if they think you are outside the country. This is especially true in Canada.

The golden rule seems to be 1 month (you can work remotely for a month) before the you need to get back.

If you don’t mind – lets get into the specifics of this. How would a company enforce this?

1. They can track your IP and which country it originates from.

There is one way to circumnavigate this (you can get a physical VPN) -I haven’t explored this much but basically you get a specialized router that connects to an internet connection in the country you work in. This should work well and effectively and I am sure there are quiet a few people who do this and I bet they don’t talk about it. I haven’t researched this much. There is another way to do this, which is to use our hardware. This is a bit more complicated but a bit more refined solution. Our hardware (we call it the LW Remote Logger), is basically a virtual extension for your display, mouse and keyboard. Think about it like your BT keyboard and mouse having infinite range and your monitor HDMI cable being infinitely long. What we do with the hardware is to to give you a virtual webpage to access your work computer. Your work computer can stay in Canada or USA and you can plug our hardware and a bit of setup is needed (no more than 1 hour – guided of course) and you get a link. The link is a dedicated page where you can access your work laptop from any laptop anywhere in the world. (Its been tested, tried and works well). The draw back to this solution is that a. You need very good bandwidth to effectively use this setup (anything over 50 mbps would be great). b. You need to keep your laptop in Canada or USA with a setup and dedicated internet connection (friends to the rescue :D)

2. Usually during video calls it can be a bit obvious where you are working from

Skype or Zoom or Team has a background blurring app. That and the right lighting to show you are in the right day/night time can over come this issue. That is as long as you are ok working the hours.

Interested in knowing more? I understand this can be a bit of a mental challenge to get over. Especially when the job markets are up and down and you don’t want to risk the chance. If you want to know more, drop me an email and we can chat.

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